Advantages and characteristics of nylon rope transportation

- May 30, 2018-

1. Stepless Nylon rope Continuous traction Winch driver must undergo professional technical training, to obtain operational qualification certificate, certification;

2. Continuous nylon Rope driver must be familiar with the structure of the equipment, performance, principle, the main technical parameters, good standards and other relevant provisions, should be general inspection and therefore often treated;

3. Must be familiar with the basic conditions of the roadway, such as the constant speed of roadway, tractor number, etc.;

4. Must be equipped with nylon rope-related mechanical and electrical maintenance workers, the equipment listed management and maintenance according to regulations;

5. In strict accordance with the safety Production Information Center regulations to receive leakage communication walkie-talkie, after the use of timely delivery of Wellhead information station management, charging; In addition to these accidents, our preparation and inspection before use is also important. For example, check the starter and other electronic control equipment is not normal Ah, the transmission of communications signal is normal Ah, the track has no impact on the vehicle running debris ah, and so on a series of important factors, so we have a series of nylon rope structure is to understand thoroughly.