The following practices will directly affect the performance of riprap net

- May 30, 2018-

Riprap NET is a convenient and efficient consumable used in large water conservancy and ocean engineering since 21st century, it is easy to operate and has powerful function advantage, but it also needs proper use and careful maintenance before it can play its performance to the best state.

The following error methods will directly affect the performance of the Riprap net. First of all, in the heavy duty process use throws the stone net to hoist has the sharp edge the stone, this will result in damaging cuts to the riprap net and, secondly, the long exposure of the riprap net to the strength of the riprap net by the successive ultraviolet rays; again, the acid affects the nylon string performance and strength,

The alkali will cause low to moderate damage to nylon and will completely destroy the wire mesh strength. Finally, the temperature will also affect the performance of the hanging stone net, too high temperature to the throwing stone net belt caused a certain destructive.