The function of nylon rope

- May 30, 2018-

January 4 07:46, Zhejiang province Yiwu Jiangdong Street Two, 69, a sponge warehouse burst into flames, many people were trapped.

After the accident, the Yiwu Fire brigade quickly deployed North Court, Heavy River two public security Fire Squadron as well as Jiangdong, thick River 2 full-time fire Brigade 9 fire engine 51 soldiers rushed to the fire scene to implement the fight, after nearly 50 minutes of fire fighting soldiers to save, successfully put out the fire, 5 trapped personnel rescued. According to the scene, the commander of the fire scene after the investigation, immediately ordered the fire to launch a battle offensive. First, a group of firefighters wearing personal protective equipment and carrying a one-time nylon rope mask into the fire building inside the personnel search and rescue, while a team of members from the Fire warehouse downstairs a water gun to suppress the fire. Subsequently, the commander ordered the formation of two groups of fire-fighting team into the warehouse inside the fire to save. 5 minutes later, 5 trapped personnel were rescued by firefighters, the scene commander decisive, immediately issued an attack command, with the continuous deepening of the fire, the fire has been effective control, 8:30, fire inside the warehouse is basically extinguished. In order to ensure that the fire will not be rekindled, the scene commander ordered two members to enter the warehouse, the goods in the warehouse cooling water. After nearly 50 minutes of fighting, the fire was successfully extinguished 8:45.

The fire over the area of about 15 square meters, the cause of the fire is further investigation. According to Shan Mouth said at that time sponge flammable, raging fire has been blocked the entire corridor, and constantly have the flames to the roof out, through the staircase escape is impossible. Then they remembered that there was a rope in the room. Everyone hurriedly bundled nylon rope in the anti-theft window along the nylon rope successfully escaped the flames.