The nylon rope should be properly maintained

- May 30, 2018-

The nylon rope should be properly maintained. For example, the rope should be regularly cleaned, you can use cold water and neutral detergent slightly soaked, then constantly stir, so that the rope can be washed everywhere, for particularly dirty places, you can gently scrub with soft brush, change a few times water, make sure all cleaning agent washed away, and then spread it out on the ground or hang up, put it in a cool ventilated place naturally dry. 

Safety rope can not bask in the sun, also can not use the dryer, hair dryer. It needs to be kept in a warm, dry, ventilated place, and safety ropes should be avoided when used and in transit to avoid contact with sharp objects. General Nylon Rope Service life is three years, but according to the actual situation some micro-differences, therefore, we should ask when the purchase, beyond the age of no longer use.