Types of nylon Rope

- May 30, 2018-

First, horizontal safety rope Horizontal safety rope refers to the safety rope used in the horizontal movement of the steel frame. Because the safety rope should be installed horizontally, the rope needs to have a small elongation and a higher slip rate, the rope is generally used to injection wire rope, wire rope elongation is small, after injection molding, the appearance of sliding performance is very good, easy to safely hook on the rope can easily move. Nylon cord diameter is commonly used in nylon wire after injection diameter 11mm and 13mm specifications, with rope clamps and flower basket screws.

The rope is widely used in the installation of steel frame and the installation and maintenance of the steel structure project in the Thermal Power generation project.

Second, vertical safety rope The vertical safety rope refers to the protection rope which is used for the vertical and downward movement of the steel frame. Generally with the climbing self-locking use, it is not too high on the nylon rope, woven and twisted can be, but to achieve the national requirements of the tensile strength, the diameter of the rope between the 16mm-18mm to achieve the climb self-locking lock required diameter, the length of nylon rope is determined by the height of the operation, the rope a buckle,

With the insurance card lock one, the length can be customized according to customer requirements.

Third, fire safety rope

Rope Net Fire safety rope, mainly used for high-rise escape. It has woven and twisted two kinds, pay attention to is strong, light, beautiful appearance rope diameter in 14mm-16mm, a buckle, with a safety card lock. The tensile strength reaches the national standard. The length is 15m,20m,25m,30m,35m,40m,45m,50m. can also be customized according to user requirements of length. The nylon rope is widely used in modern high-rise, small high-rise building occupants. The outer wall cleans the rope to divide the main rope and the auxiliary rope, the main rope uses with hangs to clean sits the board, the auxiliary rope is used to prevent the accidental fall, the main rope diameter 18mm-20mm, requests the rope to be strong, does not loosen the twist, the tensile strength is high. The string diameter is 14mm-18mm and the standard is the same as other nylon ropes.