Classification Of The Cable

- May 30, 2018-

One, according to the weaving process can be divided into: three strands of rope, six strands of rope, stereotyped rope, 12 strands of rope, 16 strands, 24 strands of rope, double-layer braided rope and so on.

Second, according to raw materials can be divided into: polypropylene filament rope, polypropylene rope, polyester filament rope, nylon wire rope (nylon), Vinylon rope, Aramid rope, Polymer polyethylene rope, sword rope, Manila Rope, tiger, such as rope.

Three, according to the use can be divided into: Marine cable, electric power rope, craft rope, industrial rope, fire-fighting rope, military rope, mountaineering rope, flag rope, rope, safety rope, traction rope and so on.