Correct Maintenance And Characteristics Of Nylon Rope

- Jul 09, 2018-

Nylon ropes are made of ropes, belts, steel cables or chain belts. They are up to two meters long and are mainly used to connect load-bearing devices and full-body safety belts. Types of safety ropes include braided rope, webbing and steel cable. The cable nylon cord itself is not extensible and must be used with a shock absorber bag when used as a fall arrest. The nylon rope adopts a unique double-layer preparation process. The core is a three-strand twisted rope, and the outer skin is a machine-made jacket. The material is high-strength polyester. The characteristics of our nylon rope are:


1. Never tie knots.


2. Never weathered.


3. Acid and alkali resistance.


4. The skin is wear-resistant, if the customer wants stronger wear resistance, the outer skin can be double-layered.


5. The tension can be adjusted, according to the customer's needs, without changing the thickness of the outer rope, by changing the material of the core to improve the tension of the rope, such as filling the wire rope.


The nylon rope should be properly maintained. For example, the rope should be cleaned regularly, soak it with cold water and a mild detergent, then stir constantly to allow the rope to be washed everywhere. For particularly dirty areas, use a soft brush to gently scrub and change a few more times. After the secondary water, make sure all the cleaning agents are washed away, spread them on the ground or hang them up, and let them dry naturally in a cool and ventilated place. Safety ropes can't be used in the sun, and dryers and hair dryers cannot be used. It needs to be stored in a warm, dry, ventilated place; the safety rope should be kept away from sharp objects after use and during transportation. Generally, the service life of nylon rope is three years, but there are some slight differences according to the actual situation. Therefore, everyone should ask clearly when purchasing, and do not use it after the age limit.