How To Distinguish Nylon Rope And Polyester Rope

- Jul 09, 2018-

Nylon is a commonly used material in webbing lanyard products. The mobile phone lanyard made of nylon material is environmentally friendly and high-grade. Due to its delicate and smooth surface characteristics, it is very suitable for silk screen LOGO printing on the surface. Generally, nylon used in lanyard products has higher purity, and some are mixed with other types of yarns, such as polyester, which is also widely used in the market. The commonly used swatches for nylon lanyards are commonly used due to nylon. And in order to meet the convenience of the decimal order, there are many commonly used color ready-made materials on the market. 

The lanyard feel of nylon and polyester is also very different. The nylon feel is relatively smooth, and there is no trace after scraping with fingers; the polyester feels rougher, and the lanyard lanyard has obvious marks after being scraped with fingers. Usually we At the time of purchase, you can distinguish between these two materials by touch. Nylon is a relatively high-grade material, especially now in the summer, the silky feel of nylon makes us not feel sticky. These are just the touch. Different, the main difference between nylon and polyester mobile lanyards is

1. nylon lanyard price is about 1 times higher than polyester lanyard.

2. Nylon lanyard is smoother than polyester lanyard.

3. Wear resistance is almost the same.

4. The nylon lanyard has a little elasticity. The polyester lanyard has no weakness.

5. Nylon lanyard dyeing is more difficult than polyester lanyard dyeing.

6. Nylon universal webbing is more durable in use and will not change for ten years.