The Correct Use Method And Mistaken Idea Of The Fire-fighting Self-help Rope

- May 30, 2018-

The fire-fighting self-help rope is a kind of tool to save oneself in case of fire and other emergency. As people's awareness of fire prevention constantly improve, the family will also regularly configure the rope to the need for unprepared. However, many people do not know the true use of self-help rope and necessary tools.

Always feel that a self-help rope can be in an emergency with the help of escape, in fact this is a very serious misunderstanding, this misunderstanding may cause you to die or serious injury. In the case of panic, often the hands and feet trembling weak, in such a situation depending on the user's hand pinch rope can produce how much friction? And do not say that the hand-pinching rope will bring the hands and rope friction heat caused by the damage, more deadly is the user once the hand is hot to subconsciously relax the hands of the moment down the rope, the result is not dead or injured. At present, from my factory on the sale of fire self-help rope situation, the customer requirements at the same time with 8-word ring and a few safety belts. From a commercial point of view we as a business is to sell the more the better, but from a security technical point of view is really very worried, worry about these self-help rope sales will produce what kind of security risks, these self-help rope in use will not be matched with 8-word ring and safety belt to use together.