The Safety Net Use Process Must Strictly Observe The Relevant Regulations

- May 30, 2018-

1. The safety net must be hung at the lower part of the work area. When the height of the building exceeds 4m, it is necessary to set up a safety net which rises with the wall gradually, and then set up a fixed safety net every other 4m; the outer frame, the bridge type frame, the upper and the lower hole place must set up the safety net.

2, the erection of safety nets should be low and high, the expense of the level of the general 5Ocm or so, the supporting rod is not broken, bending, the gap between the net and the wall is less than 15cm, the net point and the surface of the object below the distance is greater than 3m.

3, before the use of safety nets should check whether there is corrosion and damage. 

4, in the construction to ensure the integrity of the safety net effective, reasonable support, uniform force, the net must not have sundries.

Lap to be strict and reliable, no gaps, the erection of safety nets, not during the construction period to remove, damage, must be to no high work before demolition.

5, the safety net erection uses the support, the wooden rod's small head diameter must not be less than 7cm, the bamboo pole small head diameter must not be less than 8cm, the strut spacing must not be greater than 4m.

6, as a result of the construction of the temporary demolition of the safety nets have been erected, the construction unit must inform, ask the erection unit agreed to be removed.

Construction must be completed immediately in accordance with the requirements of the construction unit recovery, and after the erection of units to check qualified before use.

7, to regularly clean up the debris in the net, in the top of the network implementation of welding operations, should be taken to prevent welding sparks fall on the net effective measures; Do not have a long time around the network of severe acid and alkali smoke.

8, safety nets in use must be regularly checked, and tracking the use of records, do not meet the requirements of the safety net should be dealt with in a timely manner.

9, the network must strictly separate the peace network, the vertical network should not be allowed to use when the flat network, when the network set up, the bottom of the rope must be tied firmly. 10, safety nets when not in use, must be properly stored, kept, to prevent damp mildew.